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Lettuce Eat Salad – The Salad Spinner

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but even though Adam does a really good job washing the lettuce we get, there is still a little bit of dirt on every leaf. During these salad days, a salad spinner comes in very handy.

Oxo Good Grip Salad Spinner

Oxo Good Grip Salad Spinner

Our salad spinner is an Oxo Good Grip salad spinner. It works well and has lasted for several years. they are available anywhere they sell kitchen stuff – I think we got ours at Target.  It has a basket inside of it that can double as a strainer. And a button that stops the spinning.

So on the weeks we have lettuce, I clean it immediately when I get home, or close to it. I rinse the lettuce leaf by leaf and put it in the salad spinner. When the spinner is about 2/3 full, I put the top on it, and push the big black button in the middle to make it spin. When the spinner is done spinning, I take the lettuce out and dump the water.


Storing lettuce

Storing lettuce

To store the lettuce, you can use a lettuce crisper (left) or put it in a storage bag with a piece of paper towel to help absorb the moisture.

I look forward to lettuce every year that doesn’t taste like chemicals. It’s good stuff.

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