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A new (to me) resource

I found a new resource over the weekend that I really love. Actually my husband found it at the library. It’s a book called Vegetables by James Peterson.

Now there are a lot of books about vegetables. Some are good, others, eh, so-so. This one is organized differently than any other book on veggies that I’ve run across. He starts with a chapter on Techniques for Cooking Vegetables. Like, what does it really mean to cook them over high heat. He then describes 64 different vegetables, including odd ones like parsnips and radicchio. There is a section of glossy photos that show you how to do things like dicing an onion, or chopping Swiss Chard.

So if you are new to CSAs, i would highly recommend Vegetables by James Peterson.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, so this will be a recap of what we did in 2010 for our CSA.

In December of 2009, we moved to Greenbelt, MD. Greenbelt is just outside Washington DC., so when we started to look for a CSA, we had numerous options.

We bought a summer share from Calvert Farms. Calvert Farms has been growing CSA vegetables for 16 years using sustainable growing methods. They also partner with other farmers in the area to provide produce for their CSA subscribers. They deliver all over the Metro DC area, including the New Deal Café in the Greenbelt Town Center, which is in walking distance from our GHI townhouse. So, every Thursday for 20 weeks, I would walk down to the Greenbelt Town Center to pick up my share.

Wow. Every week was like Christmas in July. We were extremely pleased with the variety of fruits and vegetables we received. Anything from blueberries, sweet  corn, swiss chard, kale, you name it. To get an idea of what kinds of veggies we received, check out this slide show with photos taken in 2007 by a Calvert farm subscriber.  We were so excited about our share, we signed up for the eight-week Fall session, including farm fresh eggs. I plan to sign up for Calvert Farm’s CSA this week as they are offering a discount for early subscribers.

So today, as we start 2011, we are using CSA kale (frozen from last summer’s share) to make traditional greens to be eaten with Hoppin’ John. We are using a recipe from the Lee brothers’ book The Lee Brothers Southern Cookbook.

Happy new year, and look for more posts as the growing season begins!