Eating My CSA

Using the vegetables from my CSA share


Beans and Tomatoes, Fresh from the Garden

Well, not my garden. But somebody’s garden within 100 miles of where I live. I wrote this on September 11, but didn’t post it. My bad!

The last three weeks, I have received beans from my local CSA share from Calvert Farm, both green beans and wax beans. We had about three pints worth of beans, and I wanted to can them. It seemed rather silly to can only three pints, so, off to the Greenbelt Farmer’s Market we went today, in search of more beans and some roma tomatoes.

And we found both. Thanks to the people at Thanksgiving Farm, I was able to add a whole bunch more beans. They also had roma tomatoes . . I have been searching for them all summer and yet they were there all along. Although it’s been a long day, I am satisfied with the results.

Today’s canning yield?

* 8 pints green beans
* 2 pints roasted tomato sauce (Thanks to Kathy Barrow (aka Mrs. Wheelbarrow) for the inspiration)
* 6 pints of tomatoes

Come January, when there’s snow on the ground and I am longing for time in the warm sun, I’ll be breaking out beans and tomatoes. The taste of summer in a jar.

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