Eating My CSA

Using the vegetables from my CSA share



Pressure canning the veggie broth

Pressure canning the veggie broth

There is something truly incredible in eating vegetables that were grown on a farm within 100 miles where you live. There’s nothing like the taste of lettuce that doesn’t have that awful chemical taste. There is nothing like opening a can of home-canned tomatoes and tasting the goodness of summer in the middle of February. These things, and much more good, locally grown food, have inspired this blog.

Each year, over the last 10 years, my husband, Fritz, and i have bought a share in a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) farm. It has always been a challenge to know what to do with the produce we receive. So, I am going to use this blog to post what we receive, and what we do with the produce. Included will be information about our farmer, links to recipes, and inks to information on preserving produce.

When we lived in Louisville, KY, we subscribed to Barr Farms.  Fritz got to know Adam Barr, the farmer, when they were both working on the Farm bill in 2007. When we moved to Maryland in December of 2009, we started looking for a CSA. We had been told that there would be many CSAs to choose from. In the spring of 2010, we found Calvert Farms, a large organic farm in Cecil County, MD. To give you an idea of the size, they planted 500 tomato plants last summer, and they deliver to 26 locations in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

During the 2010 season, we were very impressed with the variety that we received from Calvert Farms. The fruits and vegetables were fresh and tasted amazing. My favorite was the concord grapes – they tasted like Welch’s grape juice, only better. Really! We were so impressed that we signed up for the Fall share, so we received shares from May to November. Six months of fresh fruits and veggies. Awesome. We have already signed up for the Summer Share that Calvert Farms offers. I am so looking forward to another year of good eating.

So enjoy, contribute, and eat well!

Mary Gutwein