Eating My CSA

Using the vegetables from my CSA share


What the heck is Kohlrabi?



Greetings, fellow CSAers! This week we received kohlrabi. I haven’t had it in years, so it will be a challenge  to figure out what to do with it. Farmer Adam says it’s good chopped up in salad and tastes like a sweet radish. I’ll have to try it! Here’s the rest of our share:

  • Kohlrabi
  • Beets
  • Cabbage
  • Tomatoes (first of the season – yum!)
  • Carrots
  • Red Onions
  • Garlic
  • Fennel (last of the season)
  • Herb of some sort – Adam says it’s good with mint in iced tea. Adam? Care to chime in?

I know I have been neglectful of the blog as of late . . .my apologies. I’ll still continue to post what we get, and any pertinent recipes. In the mean time, keep enjoying those good, locally grown, fresh veggies!

company veggies

Company Feast

Company Feast

Tonight i cooked for company with the CSA veggies…so much fun!

Cucumber wild rice cold salad: First i added farmer’s market cucumber cut up into bite sized chunks along with salad onion cut into tiny pieces to cooked and cooled wild rice.  Then i mixed it with a plain yogurt, lemon olive oil mix.  Chilled and served cold.

Mashed Beets and Potato: Second side dish was a bunch of small butter potatoes from the farmer’s market, boiled and mashed with several csa golden and red beets roasted then mashed with the potatoes.  Added yogurt for a bit of texture and a dollop of butter for flavor. Very pretty and tasty with a very mild taste.

Red Pepper, red onion and fennel Frittata:  Finally i sauteed csa chopped red onions with csa chopped fennel and one red pepper from whole foods.   Then i wisked 7 amish free range eggs with 1/4 cup of water and a half a cup of yogurt and poured it over the sauteed veggies.   As herbs, I added ground peppercorns, a dash of sea salt, lots of dried csa oregano and home grown fresh cilantro to the eggs.  After the eggs set, i put the whole pan in the oven and roasted the top.  I cooled and served cool with greek style feta cheese sprinkled over the top.

Guests brought berry salad with strawberries, blueberries and blackberries, pino grigiot, and a veggie soup.  What a feast!

The last of my CSA veggies

So I sadly finished the remainder of the salad that I had made with the veggies that Mary gave me in her absence this week… can I just say that three days in a row and still delicious!!! Beautiful and sweet lettuces, green onions, peas and pods, and some cucumber and peppers from Paul’s thrown in for good measure.  Tossed with a ginger/olive oil dressing made with the ginger sauce I picked up from the St. Matt’s farmer’s market on Saturday it was light and sweet and tart all at the same time… a symphony of tastes tingling the tongue.

I also finished the oh so yummy cooked dish… I confess to not knowing what the thicker, leafy vegetable clearly in the cabbage family but with a spicy bite if eaten raw – could that have been chard?  Anyway… sauteed the green onion, green garlic and thinly sliced carrots until the carrots were nearly tender in a fruity Greek olive oil and then added mushrooms (again from Pauls) and once cooked, the chard(?)… sauteed until tender and added some capers and fresh ground black pepper.  SO YUMMY!!! I could have eaten just that for days and been satisfied to say the very least.

Many thanks for the veggies… enjoyed as left overs tonight but best enjoyed with family on Saturday evening!

Southern Greens

Tonight I tried something brand new.  I was processing the veggies we got today from the CSA (including the new carrots, yeah!!!)

New Carrots!

New Carrots!

and the Farmer’s Market (beets and turnips) .  My guru for How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, Mark Bittman, directed in his book to cut the greens off of the turnips and store the greens and the turnips separately.  Well, every time i have done this, i usually end up throwing the greens out.  So tonight i decided to do something with the greens and adapted a Southern style recipe (without the pork fat).

First i washed the greens carefully, they were full of nutrient packed farm dirt, then i stripped them from the tough stems.  I then boiled them in salt water for about 4 minutes, then dumped the water out and added new water and salt and washed swiss chard to the mix.  Boiled another 5 mins or so.  meanwhile i washed and cut up a handful of small green onions (the kind that usually go in fresh salads) and one garlic scape (first time i have ever used this…it is a wonderfully mild garlic…i like).  Then i drained the boiled greens and put alot of butter in a saute pan and sauteed the onions and garlic with the greens for about 4 minutes.  I liberally added ground peppercorns and sea salt and voila…a true vegetarian southern style turnip and swiss chard greens for dinner.

Turnip and Swiss Chard greens southern styleFacts:  1 Cup of Swiss Chard has daily vitamins of:

Vitamin K  716%

Vitamin A 109.9%

Vitamin C   52.5%

1 cup of Turnip Greens has daily vitamins of:

Vitamin K    660%

Vitamin A   220%

Vitamin C    66%

I feel so healthy after eating this one!  :)     Laurie

Fresh Fennel

Fennel, fruit and spring greens salad

Fennel, fruit and spring greens salad

So, I am not 100% sure why Mary asked me to contribute to her EatingMyCSA blog while she was out of town, but i suspect it had something to do with the fact that we are in the Same CSA and trying to figure out what to do with the same veggies.  One of the items that has had me stumped simply because i have never in my life cooked with or eaten is Fennel.   The Fennel stick looks like celery with a sprig of curley cilantro on top.  It is very feathery at the top and a wide, clear, white stem on the bottom.   All parts of the Fennel tastes remarkably like mild black licorice (or mild anise, for those familiar with anise).  Since Black Licorice is one of my favorite all time candies,  you can imagine how tickled i am to be able to experiment with a veggie that is actually good for you and tastes like candy.

Last night i cut up an entire sprig, stalk, whatever it is called, of Fennel including the stem and the feathery tops.  I first sliced it longways several times, then cut it into 1-2 inch pieces and tossed it all with some fresh mixed spring greens.  Then i cut up a few ripe strawberries, shaved a couple of small red beets, and threw in a handful of blueberries.  Some of the fluffy fennel was sprinked on top.  Wow… This salad needs no salad dressing.  It is perfect as it is…  The fennel taste mixes perfect with the fruits!  A great cool summer salad for a hot summer evening.  Enjoy!  Laurie

Baked Fennel

baked fennelYes, Mary sent plenty of veggies with me to DC. I’ve been eating them daily and tonight I made some baked fennel (slice fennel, cover with stock, add salt, pepper and olive oil, top with bread crumbs and parmesan, bake at 350 for 45 minutes). Awesome. Mark Bittman says this dish is hard to mess up, true dat. It was perfectly paired with a flat iron steak, some mushrooms and a raspberry salad (also featuring lettuce from our CSA).

Retrospective – 6/6/2009

I didn’t use much of the veggies this week. I am currently in Colorado visiting my Mom and my sister, Nancy, so many of the veggies got sent to DC with Fritz. Here’s what I used.

  • sugar snap peas – I sent half of these to DC and ate the rest raw.
  • mushrooms – Same as the peas.
  • fennell – This went to DC.
  • scallions – Salads, salads, salads.
  • garlic scapes – haven’t used these yet
  • Lettuce – more boston bibb and another variety – more salads
  • bok choy – sent to DC

Also, in my absence, Laurie and Jessica will be posting about this week’s share. Look for those posts in the next couple of days. Thanks, Laurie and Dr. Jess!

Lettuce Eat Salad – The Salad Spinner

Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but even though Adam does a really good job washing the lettuce we get, there is still a little bit of dirt on every leaf. During these salad days, a salad spinner comes in very handy.

Oxo Good Grip Salad Spinner

Oxo Good Grip Salad Spinner

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What are scapes?

Garlic scapes

Garlic scapes

Today we received garlic scapes
(shown in the pic). Adam the farmer says the long green ends can be used just like garlic. It has a milder flavor than garlic. I’m about to use a little in an omelet.

Salad Days

Dorothy and 6/6 share

Dorothy and 6/6 share

Another week of wonderful veggies . . .the lettuce has started to come in full force. Here is this week’s share:

  • sugar snap peas
  • mushrooms
  • fennell
  • scallions
  • garlic scapes
  • Lettuce – more boston bibb and another variety
  • bok choy

And the pooch in the picture is our dog, Dorothy, who has to be involved in all things food in our house.