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The last of my CSA veggies

So I sadly finished the remainder of the salad that I had made with the veggies that Mary gave me in her absence this week… can I just say that three days in a row and still delicious!!! Beautiful and sweet lettuces, green onions, peas and pods, and some cucumber and peppers from Paul’s thrown in for good measure.  Tossed with a ginger/olive oil dressing made with the ginger sauce I picked up from the St. Matt’s farmer’s market on Saturday it was light and sweet and tart all at the same time… a symphony of tastes tingling the tongue.

I also finished the oh so yummy cooked dish… I confess to not knowing what the thicker, leafy vegetable clearly in the cabbage family but with a spicy bite if eaten raw – could that have been chard?  Anyway… sauteed the green onion, green garlic and thinly sliced carrots until the carrots were nearly tender in a fruity Greek olive oil and then added mushrooms (again from Pauls) and once cooked, the chard(?)… sauteed until tender and added some capers and fresh ground black pepper.  SO YUMMY!!! I could have eaten just that for days and been satisfied to say the very least.

Many thanks for the veggies… enjoyed as left overs tonight but best enjoyed with family on Saturday evening!