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Southern Greens

Tonight I tried something brand new.  I was processing the veggies we got today from the CSA (including the new carrots, yeah!!!)

New Carrots!

New Carrots!

and the Farmer’s Market (beets and turnips) .  My guru for How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, Mark Bittman, directed in his book to cut the greens off of the turnips and store the greens and the turnips separately.  Well, every time i have done this, i usually end up throwing the greens out.  So tonight i decided to do something with the greens and adapted a Southern style recipe (without the pork fat).

First i washed the greens carefully, they were full of nutrient packed farm dirt, then i stripped them from the tough stems.  I then boiled them in salt water for about 4 minutes, then dumped the water out and added new water and salt and washed swiss chard to the mix.  Boiled another 5 mins or so.  meanwhile i washed and cut up a handful of small green onions (the kind that usually go in fresh salads) and one garlic scape (first time i have ever used this…it is a wonderfully mild garlic…i like).  Then i drained the boiled greens and put alot of butter in a saute pan and sauteed the onions and garlic with the greens for about 4 minutes.  I liberally added ground peppercorns and sea salt and voila…a true vegetarian southern style turnip and swiss chard greens for dinner.

Turnip and Swiss Chard greens southern styleFacts:  1 Cup of Swiss Chard has daily vitamins of:

Vitamin K  716%

Vitamin A 109.9%

Vitamin C   52.5%

1 cup of Turnip Greens has daily vitamins of:

Vitamin K    660%

Vitamin A   220%

Vitamin C    66%

I feel so healthy after eating this one!  :)     Laurie